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I was born in 1960. My mother RIP bought into the Ancel Keys studies as did many stay at home moms with multiple kids. What mom wouldn't who could stop cooking eggs and bacon for 4 kids and just provide a bowl of sugary cereal death and skim milk to boot?

NOW, fast forward to 1974 when I was 14, very active very slim, muscular and athletic, and I lifted too much weight on a barbell deadlift and immediately felt pain in my groin on my right side. I had forced not only a hernia, but a hydrocele as well that required surgery. Keep remembering I was very trim and athletic.

After the surgery the doctor told me it took a lot longer than they anticipated because they had to my work around a huge amount of visceral fat. I told him, I'm not fat. He told me this is fat that builds up around your organs on the inside. I said OK and he offered nothing as to whether that was good, bad or anything else and of course my parents though[t] all docs were gods and especially surgeons so that was the end of that.

My point?

By the time I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the year 2000 at age 40, I had probably been hyperinsulinemic my entire life, ALL with the blessing of THOSE in charge, telling moms that sugary cereal was healthy and to limit meat consumption.

Keep exposing this, and many thanks for doing so!

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Sadly, many who follow your work have observed how unscientifically The Science operates in a number of other contemporaneous public health realms.

Which I shall not name so as to avoid tainting your important nutrition science critique by association...

But thank you thank you thank you, for helping prepare me for the possibility that scientific authorities are occasionally spectacularly faith based, dogmatic, and wrong on a massive scale.

You’ve prepared me to look for quality of evidence, rather than loudness of voice/reputation of institution, in assessing any major health claim.

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The term "Junk Science" springs immediately to mind. This is clearly "Science for Sale"!

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At this point, the BOX is probably more nutritious than the contents inside!

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I love that: "nutrient of concern"!

Keep it up Nina! What junk being peddled as science. Already discredited before the conference starts. And it's no wonder people don't believe "experts" -- many of them are self-appointed ideologues who routinely denigrate and smear actual experts, who rarely get much media attention.

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Ummmmm. Just saying. It’s not only oil companies that buy our politicians who then buy scientists.

Breakfast is big business. Americans gobbled up $8.5 billion worth of ready-to-eat cereal over the past year, according to IRI, a market research firm. Just four companies – General Mills (GIS), Kellogg (K), Post Holdings (POST) and Quaker Foods, a division of PepsiCo (PEP) – collectively accounted for $7.3 billion of those sales.

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Nina thanks, wonderful article. Amidst the madness, here where I live and work, just outside Leicester UK, and also near Dartford on the edge of Greater London where my partner Maria lives and works (we are both ambassadors for the UK low carbs/real food education organisation PHCuk.org, which of course you know well), there is definitely an increasing awakening amongst people, a zeitgeist of evolutionary common sense, or some other quantum effect. Maria and I find that many complete strangers, once engaged in conversation, are already exploring low carbs and ketogenic lifestyle as if by instinct. It's really extraordinarily magical.

Also, very significantly, LowCarbFreshwell.co.uk (and its wonderful app - again as you'll know) was founded in 2018 by two practising NHS GPs, and the local community is definitely now a huge beacon and model for the sort of self-educating and community transforming healthy 'ecosystem' that I fully expect to replicate everywhere before too long. (Graham Phillips founder of Prolongevity.co.uk used that word 'ecosystem' to describe what's happening around the 'Freshwell' NHS clinic. Ground-upwards, people teaching each other, and restaurants, and basically all the elements of the community. Impossible to ignore, inside and outside of the NHS and health and education systems. So it'll continue to spread and join up elsewhere.

Evolution is not a straight line, nor linear at all, and so it's not clear yet where and when and how exactly the new health economies will emerge, based on real food, and healing the harms of so much unnecessary (criminal) chronic addiction-driven illness. But it's happening. I see it every day growing stronger.

I'm so enormously grateful that you and other brilliant brave souls made it inevitable.

Lots of love, thanks and quantum power to you and all,

Alan (and Maria) LiveWildLifeFree.org

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I wonder who funded this multi-year project? Someone who has a vested interest in non-meat / plant-based foods, perhaps?

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The old food pyramid with lots of grains and little fat was boosted by Senator McGovern (sic) from Minnesota, whose constituents were largely grain farmers, and we now enjoy an epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and cancer (which loves sugar and grains).

Obviously, industrial, rather than natural food will be pushed by the parasites called government because they are lobbied (bribed) by the large food industries.

Basic rules of good health: Eat what was eaten long ago and assume the parasites lie about everything. Natural animal fat is very good. Vegetable oils are poison. Only small occasional servings of fruit. Avoid most carbs, especially sugar and grains. Organic vegetables are the right source of carbs. Beef is the best food, along with eggs and butter.

Turn this new list upside down and It's pretty good.

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What would be wrong with taking some time to zero in on the implementers, find them on locked-in and reach out with a few questions. They could be basic information gathering questions "please direct me to information used to rank fruit loops as healthier than eggs" or whatever.

Or we, you and me, and a few thousand other concerned citizens could ask slightly more personal questions like. "How much do you get for the sale of your soul?"

I think that it is time that we called out every last gulag guard.

The battlefront of this war is not with the WEF or the operators of Corporate ESG scores, it is with the minions, the gulag guards, who do not consider the cost that their children will pay for their personal career choices.

If you spend eight minutes looking for ANY implementers, you will be shocked how quickly the highly censored innerwebs will lead you straight to these pawns.

Doctors and nurses need to feel the heat about pushing injections that they know nothing about.

The mouthpieces of Agenda 2030 implementations need to feel the heat.

You can do it.

From your desk.

But practically NO ONE does.

There is no point in writing letters to insulated members of congress or powerful board members. They are already pushing the dirty work off onto the implementors. It's the implementors that can stop this war. They just need to be made aware that they are being watched.

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This is basically the 21st Century equivalent of "9 out of 10 doctors recommend Camel cigarettes."

Except that even mid-20th Century advertising didn't go out of its way to disparage actual good advice.

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Hello! These rankings are crazy. I live in California and when I moved here 8 years ago, I had the impression this was a very health oriented state. My mind was completely changed when I saw the food offerings at LAUSD. Garbage food from big name brand companies that LAUSD is in bed with. I can only imagine the poor quality of food given through our social services will only increase with a chart like this.

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If I ate according to those guidelines, I’d be dead. I think there are few people in the world who know better than TYPE ONE diabetics what high carb, low animal proteins do to a body.

I’m regularly in DKA because because I’m brittle and must also deal with gastroparesis which throws off the insulin to carb meet times.

I could eat 6 eggs and a pound of bacon and get very little response from my glucose reads. A bowl of Cheerios and I’m 400 within 30 minutes

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OMG this can't even be real. That food list is complete sh*t!

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In response to your Nutrition School article, you may prefer, "We have met the enemy and he is us" (Pogo). Then again, you may be more fond of the original, "We have met the enemy and they are ours" (Commodore Perry).

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Wow... even TUFTS!!! Makes me think of how important Marion Nestle's work has been over the years and still today.

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