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excellent investigation Nina

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Political agendas have clearly influenced science to spin results to favor their goals to control a population, in this case even, all people on the most basic of matters, food.

Good intentions not withstanding, the guts-the methodology of the study must be open for review without question and not be accepted as absolute.

With regard to the red meat dietary suggestions, it was after we stopped eating butter and eggs and meat and substituted dense processed carbs and eliminated fats, many now we’ve discovered again by science are health for us, that we saw a plethora new cases of heart disease and diabetes, ever more neurological autoimmune based diseases. Albeit, there could be a correlation to better diagnostics but I am more confident in the drastic diet changes recommended by collectives like the AHA.

I’ve personally been on a keto diet regimen with no mal séqueles noted in repeated blood studies on lipid levels. And I lost weight.

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Great work, thanks Nina and others.

IMHO it's part of a game that's been playing out for 10,000 years (and arguably since we climbed down from the trees), although much more stealthily for the past 500yrs, as a way to move wealth and control ever increasingly to the few from the many.

I'm completely sure that we've won (good and love has won), and evil has lost, but the skirmishes are likely to be messy for a while. Evolution is not a straight line; nor a line at all.

I've spared you my long response to this which on reflection I've cut and I will put on my own substack for anyone interested.

I'm deeply thrilled to see you here Nina, thank you, and I look forward to saying hello properly at Bristol next week.

Thanks and love to all, Alan Chapman

(Anstey, Leics., UK - alanchapman.com, etc)

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This is a shot across the bow, so to speak, as the Gates Foundation and the WHO in conjunction with government, will control/mandate what we can eat.

Gates has made a second, massive fortune by misusing science and manipulating data to promote harmful vaccines around the world and his next move is to control the food supply and have people eat his lab grown meat.

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I hate to say it...it seems the Lancet is no longer a reliable source of information. Thanks for this comprehensive report, Nina.

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The profit margins on cows are relatively low, even if they are kept in deplorable CAFO conditions, so this makes sense in a dystopian way.

White Oak Pastures conducted a study showing that humanely and healthily raised cows are not a carbon problem as their farms act as a carbon sink, so the Co2 issue is also incorrect, as one might have already guessed.


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Nuttin' to see here...just Bill Gates trying to salvage some shred of dignity after the whole Jeffery Epstein scandal...and OF COURSE he stuck a wet thumb in the air to see which way the wind was blowing (politically)! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if PETA and vegans didn't somehow figure into this mess.

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Great newsletter! I’ll use the information for my blog, with appropriate attribution, of course. The only problem with eating red meat, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the environmental one. Plus, in my old age, I’m getting soft where animals are concerned.

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Hmmmmm....A gates foundation study suddenly turning anti-meat and pro-vegetable... And this occurs at the same time as bill gates is funding plant-based meat and egg alternatives, and buying up most of the farmland in the United States. Coincidence? I think not. And at the time of this writing, bill gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. He is also a shareholder in the plant-based protein companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

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How can we, as the general public, act against this type of food tyranny? I wish I could call these people out!! Great work, Nina. Thanks

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Keep exposing, it's important. I was born in 1960 and my now passed mom bought into all the Ancel Keys BS along with that just plain WRONG Food Pyramid. My entire life was filled with SUGAR from the EASY to Fix cereal to all the processed crap.

I was a HIGHLY active youngster so I was never overweight....HOLD ON... not visibly anyway. When I was 14 I had a football [injury] that required both a hernia and hydrocelle surgery. The surgeon told me that the surgery took longer than they thought because I had so much visceral fat. I should have let that word sink in but I was too young.

I'm writing a book from an adult lifelong type 2 perspective, and ALL the deceptions I bought into, and from the just plain wrong advice I got from doctors and specialist too.

SO, keep going, keep questioning, science is NOT science without rigorous questioning and you are damn good at it, and I say that as a retired journalist myself. Kudos and keep on keeping on, it's the only way to stop these agenda driven, often repeated so called studies, with just bad advice.

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I can’t figure out if Bill Gates is actually evil or just terribly misinformed. He’s the modern day Ancel Keys who seems far more interested in money and power than actually helping humanity. Definitely not the example of health I choose to follow and I’m rockin a six pack at all times. Just try taking my meat and fat from me and watch the 2nd amendment come out full force.

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